REFLECING PASOLINI / Soloshow at Palazzo Delle Esposizioni, Rome - Italy
At my exhibition REFLECTING PASOLINI I was given the chance to put two series on display at the wonderful Palazzo Delle Esposizioni in the heart of Rome.

The first series with the title EMBODYING PASOLINI is named after the performance of Olivier Saillard and Tilda Swinton I captured in 2021 in Rome and 2022 in Solomeo. The performance is Olivier´´s and Tilda´s homage to the great Italien writer and director Pier Paolo Pasolini. My photographic series is my homage to their homage .

The second series with the title ON PPP is my personal homage to Pier Paolo Pasolini. I traveled Italy to experience and capture places that were relevant for Pasolini personal life, his body of work and inspiration. During the process I recognised, that I won´´t be able to finish this series for the exhibition, so my works on display are just an insight in an ongoing project, which is up to be completed in the coming years.

Find a video tour with this link
ADDICTED2CLICK / Soloshow at Barlach Halle K, Hamburg - Germany
ADDICTED2CLICK is a photographic artistic discourse with my everyday life, perception of it, the moment's volatility, and my urge to capture moments and details photographically.

My online installation takes motifs from an archive plays them randomly and unstoppably, like life itself, at a rate of one frame per second via a slideshow and creates a film-like sequence in which the combination of motifs is left to an algorithm. I do not control the resulting visual collage. Currently, the work shows about 5500 motifs from 2020/2021, is expanded daily, and, besides the future, will feature motifs soon from 2014-2019.

From 27.02.2021 to 07.03.2021, I showed an offline installation in Hamburg's Barlach Halle K, which was dedicated to this online installation and aims to make the essence of the work clear to the viewer. For this purpose, I had all motifs that were online at the time printed in the formats 20x30cm and 30x22.5cm and used them in the Barlach Halle K premises.

I created two videos in collaboration with Stefan Pohl for this installation, which depict it and for which Glatz was able to win over the musician Nils Frahm as a supporter with his track "Black Notes" from his album EMPTY.
ADDICTED2CLICK / This is to about to become an exciting weekend!
What you see in not just a wonderful location in the great city of Hamburg, but as well 5048 prints in the size 20x30cm with a weight of 110kg, we will install later tonight.

More information is about to come.
SHOW 2020 / FSK18 groupshow at Evelyn Drewes Gallery, Hamburg - Germany
SHOW is a portrait of Hamburg´s redlight-scene I created in 2010 in the context of a two-men show at Vicious Gallery in Hamburg.

When I defined my work as portraits of subcultures, while the other artist, Stefan Strumbel, explained his work as intercourse with the German term “Heimat”. The artists learned from locals that the redlight district with its scene had a local “Heimat” understanding, leading to this series and the exhibition´s concept.

I was following for a few weeks, primarily working girls in their daily lives, and within the process, I offered these ladies to shoot as well images they could use to communicate in exchange for their access and time.
The shown pieces are based on a series I created for one of the ladies and reinterpreted in 2020 for this exhibition. The show´s subject was 22 artist positions and their interpretation of eroticism, some crossing the border to pornography, in photography.

The series was inspired by the classic development process in analog photography, working with contact prints and test strips. I, formally, changed the motives to result in abstraction and images with strongly reduced explicitness. As well these pieces are a play with contrast in size and focus. While the triptychs have a petite size – the sensor size – and the others are heavy crops blown up big.

Find some more information about the exhibition at this link...
BACKFLASHES / PAPERS PLEASE group-show at Colab Gallery, Weil am Rhein - Germany
Two of my BACKFLASHES photogravure prints are be part of this group-show PAPERS PLEASE at the Colab Gallery in Weil am Rhein with some old friends and great artists Smash 137, Stefan Strumbel, Alex Fakso, Ata Bozaci, Formula76, Jaybomonk, SHOK-1, Flying Fortress, Thierry Furger, Morten Andersen, MOSES&TAPS & Marc C Woehr.

photos: Dan Kuenzel
ACCEPTION / LES IMAGES PERDUES groupshow, Arles - France
I am proud to be part of this beautiful and sensitive group exhibition presented in the streets of Arles in the South of France curated by Olivier Saillard and Gaël Mamine by the title Les Images Perdues. My piece is a motive of my series ACCEPTION, a series which gives access to my perception of life dealing with my emotional life.
Bravo Olivier and Gael for the great exhibition
Bravo Funny Bones for the simple and great online presentation of the project.
ACCPETION / The solo-show that never happened, Heidelberg - Germany
"No Hay Una Exposición! It is an illusion!" - With a heavy heart, I present you three visualizations of my solo show ACCEPTION, which should have had it's opening at the new PX-Factory in Heidelberg - Germany on the 16th of April 2020 and which we worked for months on. Unfortunately, it was canceled due to a delay in the development of the place, which today, six weeks later, feels kind of a relief since it wouldn't have taken place anyway. You all stay healthy! @ Heidelberg, Germany

The exhibition would be have been part of the OFF//FOTO festival -
THE NEW BLACK / Feature at OPERA CANADA magazine Fall 2019
A charming 4 pages feature about Robert Carsen´s KARL FOR EVER. A memorial event for Karl Lagerfeld at the Grand Palais in Paris on the 20th of June 2019 initiated and funded by CHANEL, FENDI, and KARL LAGERFELD brand. Denise Wendel-Poray wrote the article.

My dear friend Tilda and Robert allowed me to follow two days behind the scenes in the context of my project THE NEW BLACK
THE NEW BLACK / Feature at F.A.Z. magazine July 2018
An moment during Rene René Storck´s wonderful defilé for only 15 guests at the Pinakotheken in Munich March 2018
...and extraction of my project THE NEW BLACK
MOUNT / At LEICA headquarter, Wetzlar - Germany
ADOPTED HOME - HAVEN / Catalogue NEBUKADNEZAR - Artists make bottles for Rottweil
Ruediger Glatz
Archival pigment print in bottle
69,5 x 21,5 x 21,5cm
Unique print - 288 x 48cm
Forum Kunst Rottweil
im Buergersaal am Friedrichsplatz
Rottweil - Germany
open 26th of November 2017 until 14th of January 2018
NEBUKADNEZAR / Artists make bottles for Rottweil, Rottweil - Germany
CHARACTERS / Soloshow at Palazzo Gianfigliazzi, Florence - Italy
CONFRONTATION / Feature at PROFIFOTO magazine January/February 2016
The feature was on my project CONFRONTATION that I showed in December 2015 at Golden Hands Gallery in Hamburg with a solo-show
CONFRONTATION / Soloshow at Golden Hands Gallery, Hamburg - Germany
THE NEW BLACK / IMPOSSIBLE WARDROBE book by Tilda Swinton and Olivier Saillard
In the context of my project, THE NEW BLACK, I followed my dear friend Tilda Swinton in Paris in September 2012. She was the main character in Olivier Sailard´s performance, IMPOSSIBLE WARDROBE, which took place at Palais Tokyo.
The performance turned out to be so tremendous and well-received that Olivier and Tilda decided to do further performances together.
Olivier liked my images so much of IMPOSSIBLE WARDROBE, that he asked me to do a book with those. Three years and two further performances later, this beautiful book published by RIZZOLI saw the light of birth.

The books show 89 black/white images of mine, while 175 photos in total. The artist Katerine Jebb, who originally introduced Tilda and Olivier, and the photographer Vincent Lappartient put in their positions color.
#INSTAGOOD / Afterparty of ART Karlsruhe at Badischem Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe - Germany
BACKFLASHES / Group-show at CBK, Amsterdam - Netherlands
WONDERFUL WORLD / Solo-show at KUNST/HALLE, Heidelberg - Germany
BACKFLASHES / At PHOTO LA with Rivera and Rivera Gallery curated by RETNA, Santa Monica - USA
SHOW / Ruediger Glatz & Stefan Strumbel at Vicious Gallery, Hamburg - Germany
SCHWARZWALD / Several days of shooting
Over eastern I travelled with my father for several days throught the Black Forest to create a series of landscape images. This series is as a collaboration piece with my father who will do a series of paintings based on my photographs. This might end up in a nice show, which is great as our family has its roots in the Black Forest. We will see…
VERY GOOD DOGS / Solo-show at the Forum Kunst Rottweil, Rottweil - Germany
BACKFLASHES / Group-show at CARHARTT GALLERY, Weil am Rhein - Germany
TOMORROW AIN´T PROMISED / Two-men-show with Adrian SMASH137 Falkner at Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg - Germany
BACKFLASHES / YOUNG BLOOD group-show at Forum Kunst Rottweil, Rottweil - Germany
BACKFLASHES / NO NEW ENEMIES group-show at the Museum Botanique, Brussels - Belgium
BACKFLASHES / Group-show at KRAUTS GALLERY, Heidelberg - Germany
BACKFLASHES / THE WALL BELONGS TO US group-show at Powerhouse Arena, New York - USA
THE WALLS BELONG TO US will feature the largest line up of global graffiti, urban art, and photography ever assembled in one space, with over 120 pieces and 105 artists involved. Canvases, sculptures, prints, and silkscreens from world-renowned artists including Martha Cooper, FUTURA 2000, Lee Quiñones, Lady Pink, Jamel Shabazz, GHOST, Grotesk, DELTA, Guy Gonzales, IZ THE WIZ, Jose Parla, Henry Chalfant, REVS, ZEPHYR, Shepard Fairey, EWOK, Joe Conzo, DAZE, SMASH137, SUPERBLAST, Stefan Strumbel, Ruediger ""ruedione" Glatz and Brett Cook Dizney.

In addition, THE WALLS BELONG TO US auction will play an instrumental role in raising funds to combat social injustice. Presently, Alan Ket [Maridueña] is the defendant in three cases in New York City. He has been accused and arrested for alleged graffiti crimes stemming from an October 2006 search of his home and office. In March 2007, police arrested him after a five-month investigation. He is charged with over a dozen felony charges [all graffiti-related] that if convicted could place him in prison for over ten years. Alan Ket has no prior criminal record. He is being represented by Daniel Perez of the law firm of Kuby and Perez LLP.

Powerhouse Books hosted the exhibition in their Powerhouse Arena in Dumbo.
THE MONTANA WRITERTEAM (THE FACE OF GRAFFITI) / Solo-show at Vicious Gallery, Hamburg - Germany